Thursday, September 13, 2012

Place Value Cards

Understanding place values is an important concept in mathematics. It lays the foundation for understanding how numbers work, and later how to combine them and split them apart. Number cards can be help students see how place value works together to create a number. You can buy these cards pre-printed, but why bother when it only takes a few minutes on the computer to make your own? I created two versions.

The first has underline marks to help your child see which places still need to be filled in. If they see an underlined spot in their finished number, they can see that they missed a value. Click here to download.
I realize that for some children, the place holding lines might feel too cluttered. You can also download a plain version without the lines.

Both sets print on standard-sized paper. Print on heavy cardstock and cut along the lines. You can laminate them, or just print a new set once the old one has been well loved. If you decide to laminate the cards, cut them out first and then laminate them, otherwise the lamination will peel apart.

Each set contains 0-9 cards for units (ones), tens, hundreds and thousands. It also includes one 10,000 card, one 100,000 card, and a couple blank cards in case you lose a card. To build a number, simply stack the cards - one for each place.

Happy building!

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